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We are a Direct Factory design engineering and sale Rep Firm supporting design and sales for over 50 years with many different computers and display designs in Medical, Industrial, Marine, Military, Avionics and Kiosk, Gaming plus Commercial products with our design and sales support to our clients covering all the USA and Latin America.

We represent factories in the USA and other worldwide manufacturer's in Metal Fab, Printing, SBC, Computers, LCD/TFT Displays, Graphic Art Mfg. all types of Touch Screens sensors and Controllers also Turn Key manufacturing, Plus Electronic Distribution of Components and special Packaging

We at Oceanside Technical Sales Inc. enjoy supporting any new or old design requirements to support any of our customers product coming to market with quality, reliability at a globally competitive cost with the manufacturers we represent for direct sales and design. 

​ We love building new design, it doesn't cost you a penny for our design support!   

Oceanside Technical Sales Inc.

Supporting South East USA

​Latin America 


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