The most important thing to define LCD/TFT display computer design  with todays goals

​We are a direct factory engineering and sales Rep Firm with 10 worldwide manufactures with various backgrounds of expertise we represent. We help all of our clients with their unique needs related to their New and Older design requirements. No design is too big or too small for us, our goal is to simply help create a positive state of the art design for all of our clients sense 1969. 

At Oceanside Technical Sales Inc. we understand when partnering with any client planning on a new product design it can be scary and uncertain at times, rest assured in our hands we've helped clients with all types of new designs for many years. We want to help make that design become a reality for you and your customers..

Oceanside Technical Sales Inc. with well over 30 years of computers and LCD/TFT display design-planning experience between our OEM engineering designer's clients.

With a quickly changing economy we work closely with our clients and we are fully committed to meeting and exceeding designer's expectations. We also believe in keeping our manufactures services affordable to our clients, we make sure to work around your budget.

We are proud of our clients who have repeatedly returned to us for guidance and assistance with their designing of, computer, enclosure, products graphic overlay, TFT/LCD's displays, Touch Screen touch sensor and controller needs, we always work very hard to earn their loyalty each and every day.

We supply component sales, IC's, Memories, Micro's and hard to get component products.

Build it in Metal and it will last a lifetime.

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