MR. Kenneth Beuck

  Our CEO-CFO at Oceanside Technical Sales has been awarded with many industrial awards for his work as Corporate Analyst. He has built or rebuilt new or failing companies in Silicon Valley, Southern California and Florida always bring 10’s of millions of dollars profit in the first year of his work in OEM High Technology Corporations’.

After moving to Florida in 1980 Ken was awarded many awards the last 37 Year for his direct sales management by establishing Major Semiconductor Distributor in the state of Florida such as Time/ Avnet Electronics, Future Electronics, Bell Industries , Reptron/Kbyte Electronics.


Born in Stockton, California (The Big Valley) move to San Jose CA. at the age of 7 , Ken is 4th generation of the Beuck family in California from German and Irish family background were they established their wine/grape growing in the Santa Clara valley in the early 1850's. Ken spent his younger years in the Cub Scouts and Boy and Eagle Scouts leading his good friends on many fun trips to Mountains, Beach and valley's exploring all the best that California's has to offer.

 In school Ken excelled in Sports receiving 4 Block Letters in different sports in Jr. High school and in High School playing Varsity Basket Ball and Football receiving All League Honor's playing Varsity Football in his four years of High School.

   Ken goes to College, he Block letters in College Football while working hard at his studies in Business and Psychology classes. After College Ken visit Latin America and Central America mountain climbing highs of 15,749 feet, while traveling in Mexico City Ken starts a job working bit parts in American and Mexican movies with Paramount Studios, after a few months ken returns back stateside, now returns often along with visiting many Latin American countries doing mountain climbs and business calls.

   Ken as a young man he started his true working career with a small company start-up named Memorex Corp in the late 60's. Ken worked as a lead test technician in the video test department operating an equivalent of 8 television studio's an hour of video recording tape machines testing samples of jumbo's of tape making Memorex the biggest and best manufacture of High Grade Video Tape in the world at that time. After leaving Memorex Ken was lucky enough to get on the ground floor of another start-up company named Atari Games in the early 70s. Ken worked very hard at Atari establishing and implementing new procedures in purchasing, inventory control, planning, and shipping. Ken help Atari Games to grow very rapidly becoming profitable in a very short time, after 3 years at Atari he moves on taking the knowledge he gained working in the gaming Industry he takes over another Coin Operated game company named Meadows Games in Sunnyvale CA, a division of Holosonic Group. While being VP of Manufacturing and Material's at Holosonic and Meadows Games. Ken at the same time was working as the assistant to the President Antonio de Jesus Villegas ex- Mayor of Manila for over 23 years in the Philippines. Ken's job with this side of the business was buying controlling interest into labor intense manufacturing companies in the USA for Tony V. to get his people out of the Philippines because of the Mr. Marcus take over in the Philippines' at that time.

 At Holosonic Inc. we certified all the welds on the Alaskan Pipeline, built the first Ultrasonic medical body scan in real time and held all the major patents on Holography and Ultrasound, also was the first Bata test house for Signetics Semi for its first Micro Processors in the world ever built for production at Meadow Games?

 Ken then moves to Southern California and takes over Cinematronics in the San Diego area with another Coin Op game named Space Wars and a few other great games, he takes this small garage operation 2,000 sq. ft. to a 75,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility once again in 4-5 months building thousands of upright coin operated games a year. Now Ken moves to Florida and heads up a team at a very poor coin op game manufacture named Allied Leisure in Hialeah Florida, changing the company name to Century Games, being a Centurion again Ken turns this company from a 10 game a day company into 300+ coin-op games a day with a game called Phoenix raising this company out of the ashes and Century Games becomes the number one company in the world building coin operated games the first year of this takeover.

 Now Ken needs some real rest! Ken purchases a Sport Fishing boat and takes two years off work, he enjoys South Florida life style, fishing and traveling. Ken again gets involved with the electronic industry; he becomes a Sale manager for Distribution in electronics with a division of the Hamilton Avnet group called TIME Electronics, after a couple years moving to FUTURE Electronic being their first outside sales manager for the Florida market place. Three years later moving to BELL Electronics establishing new boundaries of sales into Florida and Central and South America's for Export and OEM sales. Last of his distribution spots for Ken is  REPTRON / Kbyte establishing the same techniques but adding Contract Assembly sales to the bottom line from Companies like Motorola, Sun Micro, and many more by Ken and his group adding 10's of millions of dollars to his bottom line of sales per year out of his South Florida office. Now it's time for Ken to start Oceanside Technical Sales Inc it's 2002 he represents manufactures you can trust to be the best in Hi-Tech products and CM Services at a globe competitive cost, he enjoys growing your business and wants it to be the best it can be and loves to help in anyway his company can! Give him a call.    



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